Welcome Inside My Mind

17 Mar

Hey folks. My wife and I have decided that it would be a good idea to let everyone know what is happening on a more consistent basis. Hopefully this blog will do just that. I aim to bring you in on my goals, the steps I'm taking, and the effects of those steps. If you ever have any input or suggestions, I am always open to hearing (reading) them.

Let's Start With Some History:

I don't have a sob story or tale of woe that brought me to music. I have had a pretty good life up to this point with a few bangs and scrapes along the way, but I am not a phoenix rising out of the ashes on a fated journey. My life was not a Greek tragedy. I've always had someone in my life that encouraged me and showed me love. I came to music because it was a way to express myself. I learned to play guitar and started writing lyrics when I was sixteen. At that age, my story wasn't all that impressive and the songs I wrote were a reflection of not having much to say. I would more or less use songwriting as a way to impress girls and it was only somewhat effective. 

The first song I wrote that generated any real positive attention was "Our Paths Shall Always Meet". I wrote this song the night before I joined the Army for my mother, sister and brother. Before I walked out the door, played it and sang it for them. You can probably guess by the title, there were very few dry eyes. It was this song and the consistent demand to have it played every time I was around that always pushed me to continue writing even after years with nothing to say.

Fast Forward To The Present:

Today I have decided to take my music a bit more seriously and put a real effort into sharing it with the world. In the past year, I have written more songs of substance than I had in the past twenty years. I have started reaching out to local venues and going back to record better versions of previously recorded songs posted to YouTube. I have also taken a leadership role at Living Faith Church as a worship leader and have started playing publicly at open mic nights.

I hope this answers a few questions about what I am doing and why. I will do my best to keep this up to date and as I go along this journey with you, I will share what I have done during the week, the places I will be performing and perhaps even what I was thinking when I wrote a particular song. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed and keep checking back to stay informed on what is happening. If you are a musician looking for new music, you can email through info@chuckwimermusic.com. If you would like to have me perform at one of your events, you can email booking@chuckwimermusic.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to taking this journey with you wherever it may lead.

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